What We Do

Web Design

Website; For companies today, it has become almost a necessity rather than a need.
The website plays an important role for company institutionalization. To meet this need, as AFR AJANS, we offer you specially designed websites. We endear you to Google with the infrastructure suitable for SEO. We build you a more healthy and reliable website with its extremely modern, management panel, ageless and constantly updating infrastructure.

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E-commerce Systems

We bring professional solutions to your e-commerce needs. We build E-commerce systems that work integrated with payment systems, billing systems and inventory tracking systems. It includes many features such as automatic e-mails, favorite products, etc. We provide panel training and support after installation. As AFR AJANS, we always stand behind our work.

Seo & Sem

Seo stands for “Search Engine Optimisation“. The better the seo work of your website, the higher you will come out in the search results. Sem is explained as “Search Engine Marketing“. It allows you to appear at the top of search engines for determinable fees.

Social Media Management

Be one step ahead with Social Media Management. We design posts specific to your industry and you. We highlight you on popular platforms (Reels, Story) and reach organic followers from discovery. We reach your potential customers by supporting our profile with sponsored ads.

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Google Ads

Google Ads allows Google to show your advertisement in every environment where Google is present. These are Youtube, Google Searches, some websites, mobile applications, Gmail, etc.

Corporate Identity

We design your logo, website, social media, catalogs and business cards in harmony with each other. We determine a company-wide theme and work on this theme in compatible colors from your logo to your website.

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3D Animation

Architectural (interior/exterior), mass housing, business centre, shopping mall, cafe/restaurant, social facilities, biogas production plant, factory, shipyard, port, production/recycling plant, wastewater treatment plant, power plant and all other industrial/industrial facilities and industrial/mechanical product promotion/use/assembly projects at the beginning of the project, We are always at your side with the most suitable alternatives and economical solutions for you whenever you need with our experienced team and special solutions for you to present to your customers how the project will look as a result when the project is completed or its assembly / usage with 3d modelling and 3d animation techniques.

You can increase your customer satisfaction by transferring the introduction, use or assembly of your industrial / industrial products and mechanical systems to your customers in a fast and easy-to-understand way. All 3D animation works we prepare are prepared in Full HD image quality using the most up-to-date software, with different language options (subtitles / voice-over) and background music for which the usage licence is purchased depending on your request.

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